Affiliate Program Criteria

Acceptance Criteria

  • Ananda Sanga Online welcomes applications from all business models, but our ideal partner has a niche, content rich, personal growth-focused website, blog email list, or social media profile.
  • In regards to niche personal development websites we’re only allowing sites that focus on the core categories our sites represent, those being inspiration and motivation, health and healing, self-improvement, spirituality, laughter, laughter therapy, laughter coaching, yoga, meditation, coaching, meditation, diet and fitness, alternative health, positive thought, etc.
  • Your website/blog must use a clean, user friendly template with content that is updated on a regular basis. If you are choosing to use your social media profile or email list, you must be emailing or posting on a regular basis and have an engaged user base.
  • If you are a discount driven online presence, please note that most of our offers through this program are free online events with an option to purchase the programming at a set cost.
  • Your site/blog/social media profile must be up and running preferably for at least few months at the time you submit your application. If it isn’t complete you’ll automatically be declined.
  • Your site/blog must be free of spyware, toolbar downloads, malware and spam. Your email list must adhere strictly to all CAN-SPAM Act and FTC requirements.

If your site has been declined please feel free to re-apply once the above criteria is met. For additional questions about our policies please contact us.

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Limited Number of Affiliates

At this time, we are only partnering with a limited number of value-minded websites, blogs, email lists and social media profiles which represent a sampling of our audience. We feel that partnering with those that meet our strict criteria allows us to provide exceptional and timely support before, during and after any promotion that is run through this program.

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