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Creating Health with Tissue Salts

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Learn all about the Applications of Tissue Salts


Mineral deficiencies are understood to be the common factor in human disease processes, especially in modern day living with processed foods, poor soil quality, stress and a fast-paced society that lacks exercise and good eating habits.

This course teaches you how to use Tissue Salts to correct mineral deficiencies for all kinds of problems and symptoms. It helps you to become aware of body, face and other signs of mineral imbalances, before more serious disease occurs.

Schuessler’s Tissue Salts are made of the 12 essential minerals your body needs to repair and maintain wellness. Minerals are required by the cells of the body in a balanced ratio and if the cellular chemistry is deficient or imbalanced, disease may manifest. Without the micro-doses of Tissue Salts the capacity to absorb larger doses (like mineral supplements) is less possible, and the macro-supplements are mostly excreted from the body without being used.

Tissue Salts Benefit Everyone

Tissue Salts are highly bio-available and provide the initial micro-doses of minerals to the cells thus healing begins, and macro minerals are more easily absorbed. They are simple to use and are safe to use even for pregnancy, babies, the elderly and everyone else. They are easy to obtain and have become popular in recent years.

You will learn:

  1. What Tissue Salts are and its benefits and applications.
  2. Principles of Tissue Salts.
  3. Tissue Salts Functions.
  4. The 12 basic Tissue Salts and applications.
  5. Tissue Salts deficiencies.
  6. Tissue Salts for pregnancy.
  7. Tissue Salts for pets.
  8. The use of Tissue Salts for common ailments.

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