Yoga Foundation Program

305 students

Yoga: Ancient Art & Science

This Yoga Foundation Program is ideal for yoga students who want to learn more about the knowledge of yoga or who is interested in pursuing a career in yoga teaching. This is an online self-study module. For those students who want take their yoga class experience to the next level or just want to broaden their general yoga wisdom, this Yoga Foundation Program is a rewarding experience.

If you are interested in a career as a Yoga Teacher, or would like to deepen your understanding of yoga, this Foundation Course is for you. This Yoga Foundation Course consists of in-depth lessons to be completed weekly, providing students a good base and understanding of Yoga as an ancient art and

It is a pre-requisite for students who want to enrol for our Yoga Teacher Training, but do not have the relevant yoga experience.

Topics covered:
* What is Yoga.
* History of Yoga.
* Basic Yoga Postures/Asanas.
* Benefits of practising Yoga.
* Understanding Pranayama (breathing) and Yoga Nidra (relaxation).
* Understanding Raja Yoga/Meditation.
* Personal Home Practise.
* Yogic Lifestyle Guidance, etc.

This comprehensive and rewarding 4-lesson course (more than 60 pages) is presented in the form of PDF documents, audio and video instructions, all available online. Additionally, you will have available an online mentor/tutor to answer your questions and/or queries via email.

This course is normally completed in 4-6 weeks, but you can learn at your own pace. At the end of each lesson there is an online self-assessment to ensure that you have integrated and understood the course content.

This course does not qualify you as a Yoga Teacher! In order to be a Yoga Teacher – you need to comlpete the Level 1 (200-hours) Yoga Teacher Training.

Exercise, Breathing, Meditation, a Healthy Lifestyle and a Positive State of Mind are the foundations of this Yoga Program!


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The Ananda Sanga team is dedicated to deliver professional education & Training. All the members of the team are qualified Yoga Therapists and specialise in their own particular modality/field. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the yoga, ayurveda and health fields.
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