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Course Questions

An online course is a course in which learning and student participation takes place over the Internet. Through this online, students connect to an environment that includes weekly lessons and assignments, as well as discussion boards and optional video meetings so students can interact with each other and with the instructor.

The instructors for our online courses are often the same qualified lecturers who teach traditional courses held at Ananda Sanga campus. They are all experts in their respected fields.

In a typical course, students get a series of lessons that include components such as carefully selected readings, video lectures by the instructor, discussion points, and assignments. Using online discussion boards and optional video meetings, students receive feedback from the instructor, as well as have substantive discussion with their peers about the materials and themes of the course.

Online courses vary in length – anything from 2-weeks to 14-week format.

On average, each course requires at least four to six hours a week. This includes weekly readings, completing assignments, watching video lectures, and participating in online class discussions.

The courses are available all the time - so you can log in and participate in the class whenever it's convenient for you. However, there's one exception: Instructors schedule a video meeting at a specified time during a month. It is not mandatory that students participate in the video sessions. However, this is a good time to ask questions and interact directly with the instructor.

There are some courses with pre-requisites and some without. All the courses require is a healthy curiosity about the subject of the course, and a willingness to participate in the class discussions!

After you enrolled in a course, you will receive all the necessary educational material to equip you for this course. From time to time some courses recommend some extra reading material e.g. books, to expand your knowledge on the subject – but these are optional. However – there are a few certification courses with some required reading books.

There are different grading options. Some online courses are graded, and some are not graded. It all depends on the outcome of the courses.

Proof of completion can only be provided if a student takes a course for Credit or a Letter grade. Upon request, Ananda Sanga can provide students with either official or unofficial transcripts listing all completed courses. Transcript requests must be received in writing. Some courses offer a certification at the end.

Administration Questions

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