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Professional Numerology Analysis & Report

15-20 pages of Individual Numerology Analysis by a Professional Numerologist


  • Life Path – the opportunities through which success in one’s career and personal life are to be found.
  • Expression – special inborn abilities and talents and how to make the best use of them.
  • Soul Urge – the inner motivations and desires; what one really wants from life.
  • Birthday – a minor lesson that influences the Life Path.
  • Master Numbers – special energies indicating opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Repeated Numbers – energies that may be out of balance and how to make them work in a positive way.
  • Karmic Debts – areas of difficulty because of the misuse of certain energies in a past life and how to make improvements.
  • Karmic Lessons – weaknesses in this life because of a lack of experience with certain energies in previous lives and how to overcome these shortcomings.
  • Challenge – an obstacle encountered early in life that once overcome can add new dimension to one’s life.
  • Maturity Number – an important lesson learned later in life that will bring increased understanding of one’s purpose.
  • Current Name Energies – new or increased influences from a name change and how it impacts the life.
  • Personal Year – strong influences and opportunities that affect a person each year.
  • Life Path Period – long term cycle that describes the general influences affecting a person.
  • Pinnacle – a second cycle that describes additional general influences affecting a person.
  • PDF Format – The Numerology Report is in PDF format and consist of 15-20 pages of Individual Numerology analysis by a Professional Numerologist.


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