What is Wellness?

Wellness is an integrated system of 12 Dimensions that make up our human needs. 

Its a daily choice that we make throughout the day to move towards being well.  We take energy in and transform it.  We then release this energy into the environment.  It’s how we do this transformation that we results in use experiencing “dis-ease”.

We are energy transformers. All of our life processes, including health and illness, depend on how we manage energy. Our energy inputs and outputs form a complete wellness energy system

Dr. John Travis (grandfather of the wellness movementt) created the “wellness continuum” which illustrates how you can move towards a high level of wellness even if you are unwell. This continuum includes: 1) Self-responsibility & Love; 2) Breathing; 3) Sensing; 4) Eating; 5) Moving; 6) Feeling; 7) Thinking; 8) Playing & Working; 9) Communicating; 10) Intimacy; 11) Finding Meaning; 12) Transcending.

Wellness is the Right and Privilege of Everyone

Wellness is the right and privilege of everyone. There is no prerequisite for it other than your free choice. The “well” being is not necessarily the strong, the brave, the successful, the young, the whole, or even the illness-free being. A person can be living a process of wellness and yet be physically handicapped; aged; scared in the face of challenge; in pain; imperfect. No matter what your current state of health, you can begin to appreciate yourself as a growing, changing person and allow yourself to move toward a happier life and positive health.

Wellness is about learning to love your whole self. It is about assuming charge of your life, living in process, and channeling life energy. It is about choices. It is about the one way to wellness—your way. It is about you. Wellness is a journey after all, an ongoing process, not a destination where you arrive and settle in.

Learn more about the 12 Dimensions of Wellness and how it affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being!

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