Meditation Foundation Program

Introduction to Meditation


Meditation is one of the most natural and yet most profoundly rewarding of all human activities.

Practised on a daily basis it produces astonishing results on all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It connects you with your inner powers of vitality, clarity and love.

What is Meditation?

Although the process of meditation can be stated simply, the actual attainment of the deepest states requires dedication and discipline. Even a little practise of meditation will give immediate results.

 Meditation is not:

– a mental escape into a state of passivity;

– a form of mental speculation;

– sluggish day dreaming.

Meditation is directing your consciousness inward – to find the source of all life’s manifestations.

Meditation can be seen as a tool to attain your goal. This goal can be anything worthwhile you wish to achieve or obtain. It is a goal for progress towards which body, mind and spirit are disciplined, refined, and perfected by psycho-physiological techniques, many of which provide health, relaxation, and self-mastery, quite apart from the mystical end-goal for which they are a preparation.

In each of us there is an innate yearning to expand our awareness; to understand the nature of the universe; to know who and what we really are; to experience union with your Higher Self/Cosmic Consciousness. At a certain stage of this “eternal quest” we are led inevitably to still the mind and practise meditation. Mental thoughts are a kind of mental ‘static’, which must be silenced if we are to hear the whispers of our inner self.

The most profound perceptions about the nature of reality come through intuition rather than logic, from the superconscious rather than the conscious mind. When the body is completely relaxed, the five senses internalised and the mind totally focused, a tremendous amount of energy becomes available.

This intense energy puts one into superconsciousness, where our inner powers of intuition are fully awake and we become aware of personal and universal realities barely dreamed of before.

 Meditation is only truly effective when it is used in alignment with our highest goals and purposes, for the highest good of all beings.

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