Meditation Foundation Program

Why Meditation?

Some Benefits of Meditation

Physiologically: meditation has been found:

– to reduce stress;

– to strengthen the immune system;

– to help the body’s healing processes.

During Meditation:

– the breath and brain waves slow down;

– blood pressure and metabolic rate decrease;

– circulation and detoxification of the blood increase.


meditation focuses and clarifies the mind better than any other activity;

it improves creativity, concentration, mental alertness and memory;

increases productivity, etc.

Regular meditation has assisted people overcome addiction to tranquillisers and has reduced hypertension, insomnia, migraine, depression, anxiety and other psychosomatic illnesses. When you meditate successfully, the alpha brain waves that are produced allow you to experience the most balanced, relaxed, harmonious state you are able to attain.

Recent research into the function of the human brain suggests that meditation expands brain function by encouraging a balance between the separate hemispheres of the brain: the left-hand side, responsible for logical, rational and scientific thought and the creative, imaginary right-hand side. The healthiest, the most productive and fulfilled people are usually those in whom the activity of these two hemispheres is well balanced.

Meditation Course Contents

This Meditation Course consists of the following sessions. It will cover the following aspects, in depth:

• * Relaxation and Relaxation techniques: this forms the basis for the practise of meditation.

• * Techniques of Mind Enhancement, accessing the Alpha state.

• * Correct Breathing and Breathing techniques: Breathing is essential for health. Proper breathing is an antidote for stress. Although we all breathe, very few breathe correctly.

• * Body Awareness and Visualization Techniques: When we become aware of our bodies, we begin to understand ourselves. With visualization you can train yourself to relax and it is an aid to reaching higher states of consciousness.

•* Meditation: Requirements, Techniques and Practices. We cover various meditation techniques, experience some of them and practice them successfully.

At the end of this course, you will have a knowledge and experience of meditation and the various meditation practices. The techniques you will learn will be valuable aids in your daily life and by the end you will be able to choose a meditation technique or a combination of techniques, to suite your requirements and preferences.



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